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Creepypasta Boyfriend scenarios - first chapter
ThePatriotGirl | Published 960 days ago

Jeff The Killer.
You, [Y/N] a pretty normal girl. You have mom, whos a nurse and a dad whos a doctor. Their always working it seems. You sigh as you get read for bed, putting your [H/L] [H/C] up into a ponytail. He yawned and stretch you arms out as youturn off your bathroom light making your way to you´re [F/C] bed. You crawl into bed and slowly close you [E/C] orbs drifting off into a somewhat deep sleep. Souldnt, Peacefully sleeping until a window opens, the cold air brushing up on your cheek. You shift under your blanket before rolling over and opening your eyes, what you meet with sends chills down you´re back. Your eyes widen, what you see is a boy, About you age, paler then snow, hair down to his shoulder blades that is raven black, a cut in smile but what scared you the most were his eyes. Eyes. He had no eye lids, he couldn´t blink! You jump up from how you were. He let out a dark chuckle, he kinda thinks your interesting "Who the hell are you!?" you yell at him. He sighs before gripping his knife "Jeff. Jeff the killer. Now. Go. To. Sleep." He said before jumping at you. You jump out of the way and threw the closest thing you could find witch was a lamp. He jumps out the window and runs off, not risking it again but what he didn´t know was that he left his knif. You looked at the knife and sighed. You tilted your head at it before picking it up and setting it under you bed. You got back into bed and you couldn´t fall back asleep.

Eyeless Jack
You are in college, you in your first year and your happy to be away from home. No mom and no dad but just like high school, you just car about getting good grades and becoming a nurse. So like every night your up and studying for a test that isn´t for three weeks. You finally fall asleep, lights on and book in hand about the human body. You soundly sleep, your roommate out at a party just like every day and every night since you got there. You shift in your chair as you feel cold air coming from a window and arms picking you up and laying you down on the floor. You huff a bit as your shirt is lifted. Your {E/C] orbs shoot open as your eyes meet with and eyeless man, scalpel in hand as it comes down to one of your side where your kidney is. Your hand grabs his wrist before he can even think about cutting you {S/T} skin. He looks at you "Im only going to take one" he says as he tries to get out of your grip "I need them both idiot" you say as you get out from under him and kick him hard on the stomach. He winces and growls "Fine I´ll let you live for now" he says before standin up from how he was kneeling and jumping out the window he came though, he was quite interested in how you acted when he tried to take your kidney.

You were walking home from a long day at work and school, school sucked and so did work but hell what else is new. You looked to the now dark and misty forest, you loved forest, you often went there to read and for peace and quiet. It was way to late though but you went into the forest anyway to get to your home quicker. As you were walking, deeper and deeper into the forest you thought you heard a child screaming. You shook off the thought and kept walking, soon enough you saw a tall man a few yards in font of you. You took in a sharp breath and looked down starting to walk faster, you heard staic. You looked back seeing the tall man even closer, he looked as pale as paper and he didn´t have face, which creep-ed you out more. At this time you started to run, you where almost out of the forest just when you tripped, you looked up and there it was. The man had no face at all, and his arms and legs very long, and slender. As the staic got louder you closed your ears and closed your eyes until it just stopped, and he was gone. You kinda wanted to see him again, and he wanted
to see you again since you were nothing like what other people did

BEN Drowned
You were at home, all along. Your mom was out somewhere and most likely wasn´t coming home until the morning. Your dad working a grave yard shift. You sighed as you got bored of playing Call Of Duty Modern War Fare. You got up off of your dark green bean bang chair and walked to your bed. You pulled your laptop to your self and went straight onto Cleaver Bot. Your brushed you (H/L) (H/C) out of your face and typed in ´Hi´ You waited for a few seconds and ´Hello (Y/N)´ was typed back, you were a bit shocked that it knew your name with out asking for it at all. You tilted your head a bit and asked ´How do you know my name..?" You waited a bit longer and this time it said ´Well..´ it said with out any real answer. You shook your head and thought about asking about its name ´Well what your name then´ you typed and almost right after it typed back ´BEN Drowned, listen I got to go but I want to talk to you again, come back tomorrow night?´ It asked and you smiled ´Sure, the same time as tonight´ you typed and shut your laptop, thinking it was all a joke but little did you know it wasn´t.

Table of contents:

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oh man i remember when i used to read these all the time! youre really good at these too! hey just a suggestion do you think you could add laughing jack?
Updated 950 Days ago

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