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Yoooo - first chapter
👽 Toby the alien 👽 | Published 968 days ago

yoo guys! whats up!? toby here! that moment wen someone comes into yor room and leefs the door open!! (mam im aiming at yo!) so anoying!!! hi julian! hi everyone! nobody will probably reed this anyway.... hahaHA
i love aliens! anyone ever seen them gooey aliens? aparantley,they are made by tobar? haha! yo get it? toby-tobar and i sure do love aliens! i say hayooo to my fans julian-thanks for been aewsome sometimes awqard!, mabal (tiger lily) yor epic! always reddy to talk to me and julian! venice (even thou she isnt on here. i dont think) shes kind.clarissa! thanks i know yor a fan of me! yor a tomboy and yo find all the norty things i do funny! jessica-sarah. julians cousin.kind and caring and also surpriszingly helpful. richard pickles mate from scool always reddy to give someone high-five and say alright! well...sort of.annoying seven-year-old bro! timmie thanks for always been helpful (yo always help me with my maths....wen i cant be bothred...I MEAN ..when im stuck!!) pepsi shes daring. funny. norty like me! benjamin (blizzard -his last name) my cool amazin cousie!! sunny my cousin. hi there sunny! all the way in australlia! rory ennerson, brandons frend . hes cool. priminster leon! julians bro. and understandes my problems. told all my mates about this website. some of them are gonner come on!

Table of contents:

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👽 Toby the alien 👽
Updated 764 Days ago
No offence but dat spellin ...?
Updated 945 Days ago
i know some aliens. well, they don´t like being called aliens, i don´t think. they prefer to be called trolls.
Updated 956 Days ago
👽 Toby the alien 👽
Updated 963 Days ago
hey got instagram
Updated 963 Days ago

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