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Angels and Devils - first chapter
Kittens4ever | Published 1118 days ago

Quinns POV:

I put my bright blue necklace on my desk. I walked pass it. I grabbed my hair and pulled the ponytail out. It was a calm and quite this night. I closed the window tight so that no wind will come through. My cat ran up and jumped onto the bed. You could hear the bell on her collar jingling. "Hello Sugar" I said. Sugar started purring. I slid under the covers. I clapped to turn of the lights. I looked into the closet. I saw a white light. I quickly closed my eyes and tried to force myself to sleep.

I woke up. I felt my hair. It seemed crazy like normal. It was a weekend so I have time to put on make up. I looked into the mirror. I laughed at myself. I quickly dragged my feet to my personal bathroom. I grabbed my wooden brush and started to brush my hair. "Ow" I mumbled. Soon my hair was done and there were no knots. I grabbed out my lip gloss. It was called Cherry Blossom. I loved the shade of pink it was it reminded me of my favorite candy. I undid the cap and looked into the mirror. It had smear marks on it. I tried to avoid them and put on the pretty pink color. I put it back and reached around for the eye shadow. The color was a nice light blue. I grabbed the brush and put it on the blue powder. I put it on my eyelid and then to the other. I put the brush back into the case and away. Today it seemed as if I was to lazy to fix it up. I went back into my room. Picked up my necklace and put it on. I went to look in the mirror. "AH!" I screamed. I had wings on my head!

I closed my eyes and counted to ten. I Opened them again. "This cant be happening" I said "it cant be." I put my hands over my eyes. I need to hide these. I quickly went and got a hat. At least it matches. "Quinn" Mother called "yes Mother?" I yelled in question "come down stairs" Yelled Mother. I ran downstairs. "Be careful" snapped Mother "you could have fallen" "She wouldnt of had fallen" said Selena. She was wearing her normal black hoodie with some blonde hair peaking out. "Sweethearts you have a visitor" Mother said "really?" asked Selena "yes" said Mother. I walked towards the living room. Someone was sitting their. "Hello girls" They said "hi" I said unsteady. "I have been waiting" they said. They turned around and took off there mask. We both gasped.

Table of contents:

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