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Geometry Dash - first chapter
Kelvin the Bookworm | Published 1122 days ago

Geometry Dash-The Forbidden Area

Hello,my name is Geo. And I ran away from my home because of not being wanted.

Honestly, I don磘 know where to start as I write this, but I磍l begin where I know I can.

My folks used to call it the Geometry, a disease so powerful it can either kill or destroy you,we had a cure for it though,but to get it we had to get permission.Why you ask? We were only allowed to cross to the boundaries to gather supplies once a year. Luckily or unluckily, it was my family磗 turn this year.Days ago,I was just one of the kids playing in the streets who witnessed my family磗 death....

Yes,I磎 an orphan.Go ahead and tease me.I don磘 care if you pity me or not. The truth be told, I was the only person left in my family,so everyone (except my friends) at the Attendance Ceremony laughed when my family was called and only I answered. Go ahead and do such things,this year I was determined to get the resources to prove to everyone that I was not someone to be laughed at in a regular basis.

As I was getting ready,my friends came to bid me farewell,just because I have a family,my friends were the next best people to talk to.创You磍l do great,Geo创 One of them cheered, I smiled. 创I磍l bring you guys the first rock I can find创 I replied,you see my friends were in the Rocks From Elsewhere club,and  made me their personal rock collector.Suddenly I lurched forward,tripping over a leg.Muffled laughter came from above me. 创Your a tough guy,Geo.I磍l give you that创 Jack said to me.Jack was this big bully who picked on everyone as long as he was taller. In my case,I only reached his neck.创Go away,Jack创 I spitted,angry.But I tried to keep my cool,as I was called to the Crossing Center,I saw an unknown thing pass by me.I gulped,then I jumped fifty feet,and I realized I would have to fight my way out if I ever wanted to see everyone I cared about, and that my adventure had only just started...

Table of contents:

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Online Nerd
Awesome! :D Can´t wait to see if you do more By the way why did Geo spit at Jack when he was being nice for the first time a think. Anyways bye!
Updated 1109 Days ago
*neato, i like it so far. a few grammatical errors (you´re supposed to put a space after punctuation), but otherwise this is a cool story. keep up the good work, friend.
Updated 1122 Days ago
Kelvin the Bookworm
Hey! Hope you like my new book.I´m still new here,so don´t expect any book covers until I get the hang of things :)
Updated 1122 Days ago

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