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Twisted - first chapter
Kittens4ever | Published 1134 days ago

Hello, my name is Lacey. I have blonde hair and love bunnies. They are so cute! I wear a white top and a rainbow skirt. I also wear white socks with rainbow stripes. My sister is the exact opposite. But we were best friends from the start. She is older then me but we still play together all the time. She has black hair and love cats. Dont get me wrong I like cats, but I think bunnies are cuter. She wears a black dress with rainbow stripes on it. She also wears black gloves and black socks with rainbows on the side.

I was walking down the stair. It looked normal. My mom was putting away the dishes from breakfast. Dad was getting ready to leave for work. I went into the kitchen. "What is for breakfast?" I asked looking at her. She chuckled. "Waffles with syrup ad strawberries" she said "blueberries for Sparrow, right" I asked "right" said Mom "now go eat before they get cold." I walked over to my seat. My feet felt cold on the tile floor. I sat on the wooden chair. The smell of the waffles was great. My mom is a great cook.

I grabbed my fork and started to dig in. When I was half way finished with the last waffle Sparrow called me. "Frost!" She yelled "what" I yelled back. I could hear her sigh. "Come here" She yelled. I stuffed the rest of my waffles into my mouth. "What is in your mouth?" She asked as I walked in. "Waffles" I said spitting them "dont eat with your mouth full" she said. I swallowed my waffles. "Dont tell me what to do" I said "what do you want?" "I need your help with something" she said "my owl came in and gave a message" "what did the message say?" I asked "I am about to tell you" Sparrow snapped.

"the message said: You are invited on a mission. You have to stop and evil man in order to start your training. Please come asap. -Dr. G" "what does Dr. G want now?" I asked sighing "he always wants us to save the world" "I know" said Sparrow "why cant we be normal?" "Because we arent" I mumbled. Mom called our names "Sparrow! Frost! Lets go pick out your cats!" We ran downstairs "coming" I yelled.

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love twisted and god and bad 1!!! so sad though
Updated 901 Days ago
Kittens4ever Which book is it I would like to read it (can I just call you molly?)
Updated 1128 Days ago
Hm, decent book.
Updated 1129 Days ago
wow I love it! pls more! also check out mine pls, im 9 my dad says i write like 17 year old in a good way
Updated 1130 Days ago

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